Corporate Clothing – The Various Facets

Corporate clothing sounds like a uniform that you have to wear to work every day. Most people associate corporate wear with boring environment. Now, all these are cliches and the common notions people have about corporate wear is changing. The times are changing and so are the office clothes. They are not plain or mundane any more.

Wearing formal clothes does not entail that you lose your identity in the crowd. It was included as a rule in the office just to make sure that employees looked neat and presentable. It infused a sense of responsibility. Wearing office wear reminds one to follow a code of conduct while one is in the office.

However, even corporate wear encompasses a vast category of clothing and sometimes there is a very thin line between casual and work wear. One can retain one’s personal dressing style even in formal clothing. In fact, one can look attractive even in work wear.

There are some basic rules that must be followed. Some of them are enlisted below:

· The clothes that you wear to work must be of the right fit. They must neither be too tight or too loose. They must be of an appropriate length.

· The colours that you wear must suit your skin tone. They must not be too bright so as to distract everybody at workplace.

· The patterns need not be too bold. It should be something that is easy on the eye.

· The clothes must be comfortable. This is for your own benefit.

· The shoes are also an important part of the work wear. One must avoid sneakers or sports shoes. The shoes must be clean and well polished. The girls can go for sandals or closed shoes but one that does not make a lot of noise while walking. Men can wear formal shoes in dark colours.

Nowadays, companies are going in for work wear where there is a proper uniform that people are required to wear when they are in office. These work wear double up as promotional clothing as they have the name of the organization imprinted on them. These help in increasing brand awareness and brand visibility. The employees like it because these are designer wears and very stylish.

One can easily get these customized as per one’s requirements. The employee does not need to bother about what to wear to office every morning and people look good without making much effort.

Corporate clothing is, therefore, here to stay.

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